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Eval & Performance Tracing

Explainability & Fairness

Embeddings & RAG Analyzer

LLM Tracing

Fine Tune

Phoenix OSS

LLM Observability

Task-Based LLM Evaluations

Easily evaluate tasks performance on hallucination, relevance, user frustration, toxicity, and truthfulness

Gain deeper insight with eval explanations to debug and troubleshoot LLM evals

Troubleshoot LLM Traces & Spans

Get visibility into your conversational workflows with LLM Tracing – support for LangChain, LlamaIndex and LLM Otel tracing options.

Find performance bottlenecks in each step and the entire system

Troubleshoot LLM traces and spans

Diagnose Retrieval and RAG workflows

Intuitive tools to visualize embeddings alongside knowledge base embeddings for RAG Analysis

Quickly identify missing context in your knowledge base to improve chat performance.

Prompt Iteration & Troubleshooting

Surface prompt templates associated with poor responses

Easily iterate on prompt templates and compare their performance in Prompt Playground before deploying a new version

ML Observability

Faster Root Cause Analysis

Instantly surface up worst-performing slices of predictions with heatmaps

Always ensure your deployed model is the best performing one

Automated Model Monitoring

Monitor model perfomance with variety of data quality, drift and performance metrics, including custom metrics

Zero setup for new model versions and features, with adaptive thresholding based on your model’s historical trends

Embedding & Cluster Evaluation

Monitor embedding drift for NLP, CV, LLM, and generative models alongside tabular data

Interactive 2D and 3D UMAP visualizations isolate problematic clusters for fine-tuning

Dynamic Dashboards

Quickly visualize the health of your models with an array of dashboard templates, or build a fully customized dashboard

Keep stakeholders in-the-know about model impact and ROI with at-a-glance dashboards

“The strategic importance of ML observability is a lot like unit tests or application performance metrics or logging. We use Arize for observability in part because it allows for this automated setup, has a simple API, and a lightweight package that we are able to easily track into our model-serving API to monitor model performance over time.”

Richard Woolston
Data Science Manager, America First Credit Union

“Arize is a big part of [our project’s] success because we can spend our time building and deploying models instead of worrying – at the end of the day, we know that we are going to have confidence when the model goes live and that we can quickly address any issues that may arise.”

Alex Post
Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Clearcover

“Arize was really the first in-market putting the emphasis firmly on ML observability, and I think why I connect so much to Arize’s mission is that for me observability is the cornerstone of operational excellence in general and it drives accountability.”

Wendy Foster
Director of Engineering and Data Science, Shopify

“I’ve never seen a product I want to buy more.”

Sr. Manager, Machine Learning

“Some of the tooling — including Arize — is really starting to mature in helping to deploy models and have confidence that they are doing what they should be doing.”

Anthony Goldbloom
Co-Founder & CEO, Kaggle

“We believe that products like Arize are raising the bar for the industry in terms of ML observability.”

Mihail Douhaniaris & Steven Mi
Data Scientist & MLOps Engineer, Get Your Guide

“It is critical to be proactive in monitoring fairness metrics of machine learning models to ensure safety and inclusion. We look forward to testing Arize’s Bias Tracing in those efforts.”

Christine Swisher
VP of Data Science, Project Ronin

Connects Your Entire Production ML Ecosystem

Arize is designed to work seamlessly with any model framework, from any platform, in any environment.

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Feature Store
Model Serving
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Hugging Face
Vector DB (AI Memory)
LLM Frameworks
LLMs Vector DB (AI Memory) LLM Frameworks
Inference data indexed for real-time metrics monitoring, analysis, and performing tracing

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Fine-tuning & Improvement

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