Phoenix 2.0 Launch Week Town Hall

  July 18th, 2024

  10:00am PST – 11:00am PST


Come join us as we cap off the Launch Week of Phoenix 2.0. In this town hall, we’ll cover each of the new features we’re rolling out as part of Phoenix 2.0, including a new hosted deployment option, new experimentation capabilities, and a host of new integrations. We’ll also talk through our vision of the future of Phoenix and why we think OSS is so critical to continued AI development.

The feedback from our users has been immensely helpful as we’ve pushed to make Phoenix a true hub for developing LLM apps, and we want to keep that feedback coming. After our demos, we’ll open up the session to live Q/A.

Curious how we see Phoenix fitting in with the larger Arize product stack, what our takes are on the the broader observability landscape, or just wondering why we spent critical eng cycles on light mode? This is your time!

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Jason Lopatecki
Co-Founder & CEO, Arize AI

John Gilhuly
Developer Advocate

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