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Our ML observability solutions help organizations of all types and sizes deliver better results for their machine learning models

A faster path to better AI & ML performance monitoring

From credit and insurance underwriting to retail demand and yield forecasting, Arize enables ML teams to accelerate model velocity and time to value across a range of use cases:

Fraud Detection

Your ability to proactively protect customers from fraudulent activity improves trust in your business:

  • Automated monitoring gives you oversight at scale
  • Leverage explainability tools to understand why a model made a specific decision
  • Improve accuracy by analyzing problematic cohorts of features or predictions

Credit Decisioning

Reduce credit decision risk for your business while improving access and opportunity for your customers:

  • Understand how your model weighs different features in its decisions with explainability tools
  • Quickly improve accuracy by exposing specific features or slices of predictions that perform better or worse
  • Broaden access to credit for your customers by evaluating other features and proxy metrics that have a bigger impact on repayment or default rates than traditional metrics like FICO scores

Demand Forecasting

Be better prepared to meet your customers at their point of need:

  • Catch drift in performance faster so you can better tune models and manage supplier/customer relationships
  • Map fluctuations in model performance back to the actual impact on business goals
  • Systematically catch slow bleed or concept drift to better optimize and retrain models

Yield Forecasting

Maximize output and increase the predictability of returns for your business:

  • Perform time series analysis of model performance to tease out new trends or relationships
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the features and dimensions that affect forecasts with explainability tools
  • Surface slices of predictions that perform the best or worst, so you can quickly optimize model performance

Price Optimization

Increase sales by finding the optimal price point for your customers and business:

  • Map your model’s pricing decisions back to the impact on business metrics such as margin
  • Compare how current pricing models perform against training, validation, or prior time periods
  • Instantly detect cohorts of underperforming predictions so you can optimize pricing decisions faster

Algorithmic Trading

Improve business velocity with programmatic buying and selling:

  • Maximize margins and ROI with time series analysis and insights into areas where a model over or underperforms
  • Automated monitoring gives you oversight at scale
  • Instantly surface issues and retraining opportunities to deliver model improvements continuously

Churn Reduction

Maximize customer retention and engagement with your business:

  • Focus where to invest retention efforts by uncovering insights into how different dimensions impact the propensity to churn
  • Perform time series analysis of model performance to tease out new customer trends or correlations
  • Detect underperforming cohorts of predictions so you can optimize business tactics such as marketing campaigns more efficiently

Natural Language Processing

Gain a deeper understanding of your NLP models to proactively catch issues like concept drift:

  • Uncover differences in the accuracy of your language model for different cohorts, so you can better focus data preparation or retraining efforts
  • Systematically catch gradual performance degradation and concept drift to effectively optimize outcomes
  • Leverage explainability tools to detect potential biases in model outcomes

Image Classification

Simplify how you monitor and optimize these highly complex models for continuous improvements:

  • Instantly detect specific features or dimensions that are underperforming, so you can better focus retraining efforts
  • Leverage explainability tools to detect potential biases in how images are classified
  • Validate the quality of models and how they respond to data changes prior to deploying

How to proactively improve models with ML Observability Solutions

Arize’s evaluation store connects seamlessly with your feature store and model
store, enabling a more effective feedback loop to improve outcomes.

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Validate how your model will perform in production and uncover opportunities for retraining

  • Data distribution checks
  • Model version comparison
  • Data quality checks
  • Data quality, outliers, unexpected inputs/outputs

Ensure models are operating as expected in production and quickly surface up issues for troubleshooting

  • Performance checks
  • Prediction quality checks
  • Link ground truth to predictions
  • Evaluate specific prediction slices or cohorts
  • Root-cause performance issues

Gain confidence that your machine learning systems are delivering better results for your business and customers

  • Complete ML observability solution
  • Model explainability
  • Uncover retraining opportunities

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