Welcome to Arize, Kunal!

Krystal Kirkland

Application Engineer

We’re excited to introduce Kunal Shah, our newest Arizer! Kunal will be joining our amazing Front-end Engineering team.
Kunal was most recently at Omada Health and Pandora where he was a front-end engineer. Kunal holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Kunal had trouble recalling a time when he wasn’t in love with computers. He was greatly influenced by the tech scene in the Bay Area, and attributes his passion for technology to growing up near the heart of it all. In addition, Kunal’s fondness for photography fostered an appreciation for analogue technology and tinkering with mechanical components. Because of his love for tinkering, Kunal learnt how to build computers and even built computers for his family.

Kunal is excited to start his AI/ML journey, and is motivated by Arize AI’s mission to watch, troubleshoot, and guide AI. In his own words:
“I’m excited to join a team where I can help bridge the gap between humanity and technology. As I’ve always been interested in the ethics of AI/ML, understanding preconceived bias and how we can mitigate risk for our society is very important to me. I’m mostly excited to get my hands dirty and dive deep into this exciting space!”

When Kunal isn’t tinkering with computers, he loves to sit back and listen to some of his favorite tunes. Check out his music blog: realhitsonly.com.