Welcome to Arize, Nate!

Krystal Kirkland

Application Engineer

We’re excited to introduce Nate Mar, our newest Arizer! Nate will be joining our rockstar engineering team.

Nate was most recently at PagerDuty where he worked on ML infrastructure, ML and incident management products, and alert notification pipelines.

ML fairness and transparency is near and dear to Nate’s work. In his own words:

I’m excited about Arize’s mission to help ML engineers and data scientists better and more quickly understand how their models are performing in production. This strongly resonates with me having experienced some of the complex challenges of managing models in production myself. As more of what we use every day becomes reliant on machine learning, I’m looking forward to building tools that will enable companies to run models that are more fair, more transparent, of higher quality, and ultimately of greater value to the world.

A little known fact, Nate holds a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in Political Science. Although he studied Political Science in college, he quickly discovered his passion for software engineering after his first job in tech. When Nates is not coding up a storm, he loves to play the cello, learn Chinese and read cookbooks. Yes, you read that right.