Welcome Tsion Behailu!

Jason Lopatecki

Arize Founder

We’re excited to introduce Tsion Behailu, the newest Arizer! Tsion will be joining our rockstar engineering team.

Tsion was most recently at Google where she worked on Google Drive, Waze Ads, and Android Partner. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Berkeley’s Computer Science program.

Tsion is an advocate for ethical and inclusive technologies. She previously led a research project that acquired funding from NSF, CRA-W and CDC to design and develop ICTs to increase access to markets and knowledge for Kenyan smallholder farmers. She has been featured in Careers with Code, the Root, Web Summit, along with countless panels at Google and universities across the country for her engineering leadership.

Tsion believes in a world where AI is accountable, fair, and ethical. In her own words:

I’m very excited to be joining Arize AI and working towards building a world where AI is held accountable. As we move towards a society where more models are deployed and decisions are automated, it is important to me to make sure that those decisions are observable and explainable. We’ve seen the negative impact AI can have on underrepresented communities when irresponsibly handled, so Arize AI’s bold mission to be the guardrail of AI deployed by businesses personally speaks to me.