THE LLM & AI Observability Conference

Thank you for joining hundreds of top AI leaders, practitioners and top brands at this year’s premier event for building AI-powered applications and improving quality and performance once in production. We covered the latest research, real-world insights from AI builders, and battle-tested tips from cutting-edge teams working on gen AI, including:

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July 11, 2024|SHACK15|SAN Francisco|July 11, 2024|SHACK15|SAN Francisco

July 11|Shack15 in San Francisco



AI Builders' Guild

AI Builders’ Guild

Development, application, and impact of innovative tools and evaluation methodologies in AI observability. Hands-on sessions provide pragmatic experience on evaluating and measuring the performance and reliability of AI systems using the latest open-source tools available.


AI Research Frontiers

AI Research Frontiers

Cutting-edge research, emerging techniques, and theoretical advancements in AI observability and LLM evaluation. Explore the latest findings and methodologies pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in understanding, evaluating, and improving AI-powered systems.


AI Innovators

AI Innovators

Explore the real world use cases, challenges in deploying products, and scaling of AI across organizations. AI leaders share learnings on industry-specific considerations to navigate the complexities of enterprise AI deployment.

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Innovators track

Barak Turovsky

VP of AI, Cisco

Builders track

Mike Knoop

Co-Founder, Head of AI, Zapier

Builders track

Aparna Dhinakaran

CPO and Co-founder, Arize AI

Builders track

Joe Palermo

Member of Technical Staff, OpenAI

Builders track

Jerry Liu

Co-Founder and CEO, LlamaIndex

Builders track

Chi Wang

Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

Innovators track

Soheil Koushan

Technical Staff, Anthropic

Research track

Sandeep Subramanian

Research Scientist, Mistral