Advanced LLM Evaluations

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Join us for our Advanced LLM Evals series, where we dive deeper into the techniques and best practices for leveraging LLM evals. We will cover everything from how to create an LLM Eval from scratch, how to generate data, different classes of Evals, and advanced techniques for LLM Retrieval Evals. Our guest speakers include Jerry Liu, co-founder and CEO of LlamaIndex, and Lou Kratz, Principal Research Engineer at Bazaarvoice.

Missed our introductory LLM Evals series? Get caught up on the different Evals use cases here.

Part One: Advanced RAG Evaluations

Part Two: How to Create an LLM Eval from Scratch: Lessons from the Trenches

Part Three: Classes of LLM Evaluations: A Deep-Dive

Part Four: Dataset and Synthetic Data Generation for LLM Evaluations

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