See It In Action: Arize for Fraud Models, Platform Demo

March 16th at 10am PT

Arize AI, an early pioneer and leader in ML observability, tracks billions of ML predictions on behalf of top financial services and fintech companies. Curious about how Arize AI might help your team? 

These 30-minute open sessions offer:

  • An interactive demo of the Arize platform, with demo data covering fraud detection and prevention
  • Opportunities to casually interject, asking anything throughout the demo or at the end
  • A casual way to see the platform in action and hear from peers

This session will be led by Cam Young, Senior Sales Engineer at Arize. Ask him anything!




Cam Young

Cam Young is a ML sales engineer at Arize AI, a machine learning observability company. Cam previously was a lead sales engineer at an a16z backed venture that modernized the contact center. When Cam is not cohort analyzing feature drift, he enjoys hiking with his dog Otto and racing around the track.

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