LLM Evals in Practice: LLM Task Evals for Business Use Cases

  April 4th, 11th, & 18th, 2024

  10:00am PST – 10:45am PST


Sign up to attend Arize AI’s third installment of our LLM evaluations series, where Arize’s CEO & Co-Founder will be joined by leading industry experts to guide you through the intricate landscapes for LLM application evaluation. This 3-part series will focus on LLM evaluation techniques spanning timeseries data, custom tasks, and customer feedback. Participants will learn the latest methodologies and application of AI observability approaches in practical scenarios.

Join us to gain unparalleled insights into the evolving world of LLM evaluations and their transformative impact on the industry!

Session 1: Unlocking Timeseries Insights with LLMs – Introducing Evals for Advanced Pattern Analysis

Session 2: How to Create Custom Task Evals

Session 3: Leveraging LLM Evals for Advanced Customer Feedback Analysis

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Jason Lopatecki
Co-Founder & CEO, Arize AI

Lou Kratz
Principal Research Engineer, BazaarVoice

Jack Zhou
Product Manager, Arize AI

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