Building LLM-Powered Systems that Work in the Real World

September 7, 2023 | NYC

Join us for an insightful evening dedicated to scaling LLM-powered systems from experimental stages to real-world production environments.

This event brings together developers, researchers, and technology leaders to explore groundbreaking topics essential to building the next generation of robust AI-centric solutions.

Topics include

AI Memory in LLM-powered Applications

Explore how intelligent memory management fuels efficiency, scalability, and performance.

Flexible Data Frameworks and Orchestration for LLM Use Cases

Gain insights into how adaptable data frameworks can streamline development and enable seamless scalability.

Evaluating and Troubleshooting LLMs in Production

Tools and methodologies to evaluate and troubleshoot LLMs in a production environment. With hands-on demos to understand how to diagnose and resolve common issues.

Best Practices in Generative AI Development and Deployment

Understand the ethical considerations, development paradigms, and deployment strategies in generative AI.

Engage in lively debates, practical workshops, and presentations from industry pioneers that illuminate the pathway from toy models to production-ready, scalable solutions. Whether you are an established professional or an aspiring AI engineer, this event promises to deepen your understanding of LLM-powered systems and inspire new ways to leverage its vast potential.

Let’s transform ideas into reality together!


Jason Lopatecki

Co-founder and CEO,
Arize AI

Aparna Dhinakaran

Co-founder and CPO,
Arize AI

Jerry Liu

Co-founder and CEO,

Jonathan Pedoeem


Morgan Gerlak

Partner, TCV

Chaoyu Yang

Founder & CEO,

Lou Kratz

Principal Research Engineer, Bazaarvoice

Sally-Ann DeLucia

ML Solutions Engineer,
Arize AI

Ilan Bigio

Applied AI Engineer, OpenAI

Tumas Rackaitis

CTO, Rogo Data

Elan Dekel

VP Product, Pinecone

Taylor Lowe

Co-founder & CEO, Metal

Aman Khan

Group PM, Arize AI