new podcast on research behind chatgpt

ChatGPT and InstructGPT: Aligning Language Models to Human Intention

Jason Lopatecki

Arize Founder

Introducing Deep Papers, a New Podcast from AI Pub and Arize AI

Deep Papers is a new podcast series featuring deep dives on today’s seminal AI papers and research. Hosted by AI Pub creator Brian Burns and Arize AI founders Jason Lopatecki and Aparna Dhinakaran, each episode profiles the people and techniques behind cutting-edge breakthroughs in machine learning.

About This Episode

In this first episode, we’re joined by Long Ouyang and Ryan Lowe, scientists at OpenAI and creators of InstructGPT. InstructGPT was one of the first major applications of reinforcement learning with human feedback to train large language models, and is the precursor to the now-famous ChatGPT. Listen to learn about the major ideas behind InstructGPT and the future of aligning language models to human intention.


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