Best Practices for ML Observability In Lending & Insurance with America First Credit Union

December 8th at 11am PT

Join us for a brief foray into ML observability in lending & insurance followed by a fireside chat with Richard Woolston, data science manager at America First Credit Union

The lending and insurance industries are being transformed by AI, as financial services and insurance companies deploy ML models to inform everything from pre-eligibility checks to credit decisioning and premium pricing. How can ML teams ensure optimal performance as well as compliance in heavily-regulated industries? 

In this 30-minute webinar, Reah Miyara, Arize’s Head of Product and Richard Woolston of America First Credit Union, will:  

  • Give an overview of the ML observability use-case in lending and insurance
  • Demo how the Arize platform can help detect and diagnose drift 
  • Facilitate a wide-ranging fireside chat with America First Credit Union’s Richard Woolston, opening the floor to audience Q&A

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Reah Miyara

Reah Miyara is Head of Product at Arize AI, a machine learning observability company. He was previously at Google AI, where he led product development for research, tools, and infrastructure related to graph-based machine learning, data-driven large-scale optimization, and market economics. Reah’s experience as a team and product leader is extensive, building and growing products across a broad cross-section of the AI landscape. He’s played pivotal roles in ML and AI initiatives at IBM Watson, Intuit, and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Reah also co-led Google Research’s Responsible AI initiative, confronting the risks of AI being misused and taking steps to minimize AI’s negative influence on the world. He has a bachelor's from UC Berkeley’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program and was the founder and president of the Cal UAV team in 2014.

Richard Woolston
Data Science Manager at America First Credit Union

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