Arize:Observe – From algorithms to applications

In this session Victor, CTO of UbiOps, will walk-through how we build a platform to easily serve and host code in a highly secure SaaS or on-prem environment. Easily controlled, maintained and observed by the data scientist itself. We started as data scientists but had difficulty deploying and maintaining our models for clients. Victor will explain what technical challenges we encountered and how UbiOps now solves that.


Victor Pereboom

Victor Pereboom

CTO, UbiOps

Victor is a serial entrepreneur with a background in aerospace engineering and machine learning. He is co-founder and CTO of UbiOps. UbiOps has its roots in machine learning and data science. Experiencing first-hand how challenging it can be to turn an algorithm into a scalable application, the team went on a mission to help data scientists everywhere to deploy and serve algorithms and build data-driven applications.

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